Live Engagements that Merge the Physical World and the Virtual New Normal.

We believe that human beings can achieve great things when we work together - and that our goal will always be to find ways for us to be closer together.

Sharing experiences live, in real-time will continue to be paramount for brands. We have a deep need to experience moments together, to communicate in real-time, and to be able to share those moments with others.

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Our Partnership.

Our three companies bring decades of experience in live events, digital marketing, data analytics, and marketing communications to make your Live Interactive Events successful. We also know that the basics of effective marketing and live events are still what will drive your events to success.

Live Events Should be Much 

More than Just Zoom or FaceTime.


Timely, top-of-mind, personal; make your content something people seek.


A reliable, hassle free, broadcast quality streaming backbone.


Capture attention by providing something unexpected and exciting.


Take your audience on a journey, beginning before the event and extending well after.

Bring Value

Make it worthwhile with a richer event plan than simply a video chat.

Virtual and Engaging.

  • Live events during quarantine or social distancing.

  • Use existing assets and campaigns.

  • Produce highly-engaging live events.

  • Event/Exhibit Managers can use their existing skills and processes.

  • Brands can still create impactful events and memorable brand experiences for the customers.

Include Everyone with

Remote Guests.

Using a large monitor mounted vertically (to show life-sized guests) or horizontally (for multiple feeds), we can include remote guests from anywhere. This video can be included using our streaming provider’s built-in features. And the video can be shot using anything from a smartphone to a multi-camera rig. 


Life-sized remote guests could include experts, engineers, field staff, customer or anyone who cannot physically be in the studio. This makes events during heightened social and physical distancing possible.

Presenters, Hosts, and Brand Ambassadors.

Professional presenters, hosts, and brand ambassadors, can create a smoother and more-consistent show because they are trained and experienced in exactly that. Professional talent should act to facilitate the experience for the audiences, as well as acting to move the show along. 


They serve two main functions: 

  • Sales: helping drive actual sales by communicating directly with your customers

  • Education/Entertainment: making people excited about your brand - this approach naturally sells the product.

A Flexible

Physical Space.

Live Audience Interaction.


Live 4K Video / HD Audio

Multiple Cameras


Screen Sharing

Live Remote Guests


Seamless Video Delivery

Security & Privacy

Centralized Management

Dedicated Tech Support

Filtering Q/A









A Familiar Path to Effective Events.

All of the aspects of audience engagement and brand immersion can be carried into a digital event.

Cost-effectively deliver your messages to your audiences and immerse them in live, interactive brand events. Reuse your assets that you’ve already developed for physical shows and events by deploying them in a remote, digital event.


Your digital event is supported by a team of professionals who ensure that it runs smoothly, totally transparent to your audience. 


Decades of combined event and show execution experience, content creation experiences, and the highest-quality and most-robust stream solutions available.

Premium Live Digital Experiences.

Marketing Your Digital Event.

We have a long track record of driving audiences to live events through pre-show campaigns. 


Our digital partners can create campaigns and collateral that can motivate your customers to attend your events.

As a custom service, we are able to tailor our offerings to exactly what you need. 


That means we’re able to scale the total spend to fit you budget

Easily-Scaled Budgets.

Adjusting things like pre/post-show services, number of days, and number of shows is how we fit to any budget. And none of our costs are wasted on traditional event items like drayage and shipping.

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