John Pugh

Founding Partner

and Director of Marketing


John is a scrummaster. Not just because he played Rugby for Bowling Green, but because John is that lovable bulldog who will make sure his team is focused, dedicated, and functioning smoothly together. For more than three decades, John has led teams to create highly immersive experiences and events. Experiences that people connect with and remember. 


John drives success for us and our clients by fostering open communication, supporting growth, and challenging colleagues. His long-lasting positive relationships help carry us over obstacles. And his vision helps chart a path for us to follow. And he’s never late with snacks to keep our brains functioning.


With a uniquely comprehensive career in the exhibit and experience marketing world, John has seen and done it all. From both vendor and client sides, as an exhibit manager, account executive, and even division manager, he's had over 32 years of invaluable experiences on how to achieve success and control costs.


His career has taken him from Pittsburgh, throughout the United States, and back to Western Pennsylvania. From brand immersion at car factories in Germany, to test tracks in California, John prioritizes deeply understanding a brand and their messaging.

Brand experience: Volvo, Mitsubishi, BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, Lotus, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda

Marcus Vahle

Founding Partner and Creative Director


Marcus can design almost anything and probably tell you how to build it. Growing up just outside the Kennedy Space Center, Marcus has had a lifelong drive to use knowledge and creativity to solve problems (and he doesn’t like to mention that he graduated college and high school on the same day at 17 years-old).


With experience in designing everything from brand identities, to museums, to immersive interactive engagements, Marcus loves the thrill of creating experiences that people remember and want to share. He combines critical thinking and analysis with an eye toward human elements - thinking through how people receive and process information.


In designing events and live engagements, he pushes clients to create content that is personally interesting to their audiences. He helps create live communications that people actually want to be part of. And he assembles teams of strong and diverse creatives from all disciplines. He experiments and tinkers to find combinations of talent that produce remarkable results.


Brand experience: BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, Audi, Panasonic, Michelin, State Farm, USPS

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