Marcus Vahle

Founding Partner and Creative Director


Let's start with Marcus's education: he graduated high school and college  (UCF) when he was 16 years old. At his graduation he wore his high school graduation gown over his college graduation gown. Marcus graduated the same day for both high school and college (mic drop). In addition, he was able to recognize value proposition at a young age: the public school board members paid for his college education. After that, Marcus furthered his art education at the The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in Manhattan.


In 2005, Czarnowski was looking for creative talent to help pitch and support the automotive group, specifically BMW North America. When Czarnowski was pitching BMW, Marcus was involved in the conceptual, three dimensional design, and the stand-up presentation stages of the competitive bid process. After winning the business, Marcus excelled on the account and was the creative lead on the account for 15 years. That experience included every type of three dimensional and experiential environments.


Marcus has conceptualized, designed, and managed the construction of hundreds of unique pieces of architecture for auto shows across the world. These exhibition layouts, some over 18,000 sq. ft., would include raised floors, two-story structures, kitchens, green rooms, and executive conferences rooms. Marcus would be instrumental in conceptualizing and integrating the press conferences and product launches with the stand architecture. If you are traveling across the country and see a piece of architecture that supports the BMW brand, there's a good chance Marcus had a part in the design of the art form. 


  • Retail Dealership Unites (view in dealerships across USA)

  • BMW Championship Golf (view on NBC in September)

  • Zentrum Museum (view in Spartenburgh, SC)

  • BMW Corporate Lobby (view in Woodcliff Lake, NJ)

  • Ultimate Driving Experience Tour (view across USA)


Many clients find out the hard way after it's too late and the properties are built - high operating costs can sink a program and are difficult to justify internally. Marcus has a formula for success: create strong architecture to support the BMW brand through active listing and make sure to value-engineer through cost-savings. Beyond the aesthetic design, cost of ownership drives every project he's worked on. Marcus is an expert at designing and engineering a piece of architecture that supports the brand, but is cost effective to install, transport, and refurbish. 

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